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There are a ton of goods to come across in Remaining Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Some may well be misplaced at sea, even though you can find a way for you to however get them. Here is our manual on how to get the Pirate King’s Treasure in Closing Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Also, be sure to be reminded that this guidebook contains minimal spoilers.

How to get the Pirate King’s Treasure in Ultimate Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The Pirate King’s Treasure discovery gets to be readily available at the get started of Chapter 12: A Golden Key. This is when the Tiny Bronco crash lands, turning into a naval vessel as an alternative.

You can start out the action at Costa del Sol. Just head to the pier in which the Tiny Bronco is docked and open the chest that has ethereal purple crossed swords. A treasure map will seem to demonstrate you the locations of 4 Pirate’s Grottoes. You can go to these in any purchase, however we’ve numbered them primarily based on how near they are to Costa del Sol:

A map showing the locations of the four Pirate's Grottoes.
A map displaying the destinations of the four Pirate’s Grottoes.

How to navigate the Meridian Ocean though wanting for Pirate’s Relics

The lookup for the Pirate King’s Treasure in Closing Fantasy 7 Rebirth will just take you to compact spots with Pirate’s Grottoes. To get there, you have to “sail” applying the Tiny Bronco:

  • Press still left on the D-pad to show the treasure map.
  • Hold the L1 button to enlarge it, building the “X” marks additional obvious.
  • You can also press suitable on the D-pad to conceal the treasure map if you don’t want it to muddle your screen.
  • Every single Pirate Grotto has a particular monster that you require to defeat. The moment you’ve got vanquished your foe, open up the treasure upper body to get a Pirate’s Relic.
You can check the treasure map periodically while exploring aboard the Tiny Bronco.
You can test the treasure map periodically even though checking out aboard the Little Bronco.

Pirate’s Grotto #1: Hueyacoatl

From Costa del Sol, head northeast until eventually you see a slender inlet in between the continent and a smaller island. The monster listed here, the Hueyacoatl, is weak versus wind component attacks and spells. Furthermore, it has a Supercharged condition wherever it frequently bombards the area with lightning strikes, though hitting it at this condition will also force it.

You can attack the Hueyacoatl while its lightning strikes envelop the field to pressure it.
You can assault the Hueyacoatl whilst its lightning strikes envelop the industry to tension it.

Pirate’s Grotto #2: Sea Dragon

You can get to the Pirate’s Grotto with the Sea Dragon by continuing northeast past exactly where you fought the Hueyacoatl. You can find another island wherever the Small Bronco should be able to dock. As for the Sea Dragon alone, you want to get be aware of the pursuing mechanics:

  • Casting Bio will poison and tension this enemy.
  • You can then solid lightning spells to keep on filling the stagger meter.
  • If it works by using Galvanizing Flames, it will counter all assaults you do. As such, it can be much better to just emphasis on steps that can stagger it to make it helpless.
Beat down the Sea Dragon and avoid its instant counterattacks.
Beat down the Sea Dragon and steer clear of its instant counterattacks.

Pirate’s Grotto #3: Ogre Raider

To get to this Pirate’s Grotto, use the Gongaga Port fast travel place and abide by the coastline to the east. Alternatively, you can just sail southwest from Costa del Sol.

This monster is weak towards the ice element, building it incredibly simple to stagger. It does roar from time to time to bolster its possess attacks.

Take out the Ogre Raider before it fully empowers itself with its roars.
Consider out the Ogre Raider right before it totally empowers by itself with its roars.

Pirate’s Grotto #4: Brineborn Demon

The Brineborn Demon is positioned south of Crow’s Nest in the Junon area. To get there, you have to use the Beneath Junon Port quick vacation point, then go on sailing south.

As for the monster by itself, it will activate its Counterstance, which is followed by a devastating Graviga spell later on. The intention is to use fireplace element attacks and spells to stress and stagger it, which will also avert it from making use of Graviga.

Cancel the Brineborn Demon's Graviga cast by staggering it.
Cancel the Brineborn Demon’s Graviga solid by staggering it.

What to do with the Pirate’s Relics

You’ve got pretty much acquired the Pirate King’s Treasure in Remaining Fantasy 7 Rebirth. All that is remaining now is to craft the Corsair’s Compass. To do this, simply just open up the Item Transmuter menu and go to the Equipment tab. You need to see the Corsair’s Compass blueprint, which can be crafted by employing all four Pirate’s Relics that you’ve found.

Use the Pirate's Relics to craft the Corsair's Compass.
Use the Pirate’s Relics to craft the Corsair’s Compass.

How to use the Corsair’s Compass

Now that you have the Corsair’s Compass, it truly is time to set it to good use. Each time you’re checking out the Meridian Ocean on the Small Bronco, you will periodically see a golden reticle with an arrow. Abide by the direction where by this arrow is pointing, as it prospects to purple containers. These have a tendency to have Pirate’s Jetsam, as effectively as other exceptional elements.

The Corsair's Compass will help you find more goodies in the ocean.
The Corsair’s Compass will assist you discover extra goodies in the ocean.

That’s it: that is how you comprehensive the Pirate King’s Treasure in Ultimate Fantasy 7 Rebirth. If you are keen on extra late-sport discoveries and unlocks, you can take a glimpse at our Gilgamesh summon guide.

A grand journey awaits you in Remaining Fantasy 7 Rebirth. We’ve received all the ideas and procedures for you in our FF7 Rebirth guides hub.

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