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The Super Mario RPG Sunken Ship puzzle is really infamous. That’s because there are six duties that you have to have to entire in get to obtain clues. After you have them, you need to be ready to determine out the correct password to open a door. Here is our guidebook to support you fix all Sunken Ship puzzles in Super Mario RPG.

How to address all Sunken Ship puzzles in Super Mario RPG

The Super Mario RPG Sunken Ship puzzles can be located in the decrease decks of the dungeon. As soon as you access it, you’ll see several rooms alongside a corridor, and these are guarded by enemies that you need to defeat. The mobs vary from specters and skeletons to floating jellyfish. We counsel obtaining Mallow in your get together given that Thunderbolt capacity causes a good deal of injury against the hostiles in this space.

Enemy mobs guard puzzle rooms.
Enemy mobs guard puzzle rooms.

Upper Hallway

Sunken Ship Puzzle #1: Block Pillar

The initially puzzle room in this corridor has a Koopa Paratroopa flying close to a pillar made of blocks. You may also see a green change in mid-air. The intention is to go underneath the Koopa Paratroopa so that it accidentally knocks more than the ball, creating it to fall on the switch.

Clue #1: The adventurer Indigo’s memo: “There is an ‘S’ in the word.”

Sunken Ship Puzzle #2: Springs

Inside the 2nd home, you can see a few springs that go sideways, and there are blocks that you can hit to cause them to end. We recommend starting with the leftmost block, which you ought to leap and strike the moment it really is alongside the halfway point. From there, strike the two other blocks, building certain that there is ample of a hole in between them. If you did it suitable, a metallic ball will bounce throughout all a few springs, landing on the change at the conclusion.

Clue #2: The adventurer Indigo Jr.’s memo: “It is discovered on the bed of the ocean.”


Puzzle rooms #1 (still left) and #2 (suitable).

Sunken Ship Puzzle #3: The 3D Maze

The 3D Maze is the Super Mario RPG Sunken Ship puzzle that tends to be the most baffling. That is mainly because of the layout of the place, which has several blocks. You are going to have to have to navigate this place without having observing your character. This is what we counsel:

  • Enter the 3D Maze by the slim passageway and go to the again appropriate. Bounce when you strike an obstacle in the reduce spot.
  • This must deliver you up to the center part, however you are not able to see Mario. You should really now soar to the still left, which triggers you to arise from the framework.
  • From there, go to the decrease-suitable place and hop on the ledge. Go on circling to the back again, and leaping when inside the structure.
  • When you have reached the top, step on the plate to obtain the future clue.

Clue #3: The 2nd expedition team’s memo: “It has two vowels.”


You may have to go about the 3D Maze even if you cannot see Mario (still left). You may then attain the outer part (ideal), which then qualified prospects to the leading.

Lower Hallway

Sunken Ship Puzzle #4: Cash

Continue to the reduced hallway and enter the 1st door to your still left. Inside, you can see a coin that spawns far more cash as it moves close to the place. The intention is to abide by it, all though choosing up the coins that show up. Don’t choose also very long due to the fact the new coins will also despawn, and you should not unintentionally get the preliminary coin. The moment the original coin reaches the conclusion, you can pick it up to complete this task.

Clue #4: The look for occasion Onyx’s memo: “It is extremely useful.”

Sunken Ship Puzzle #5: Cannons

In the future home, you’ll see 4 blocks. The goal right here is to leap and hit the leftmost block, which will lead to the cannon to hearth. You should really then transfer beneath the remaining 3 blocks in succession, jumping just as the cannonball is beneath them. Preferably, you really should stand less than the shadow of the block when you jump. If you did it right, the cannonball will bump into every single block, supplying you another clue.

Clue #5: The fourth investigation crew’s memo: “‘It’ is basically a ‘they.'”

Sunken Ship Puzzle #6: Barrel and Flooring Panel

The place at the stop of the corridor has a help you save stage and two ground plates. 1st, you can expect to want to bounce on the stack of barrels to the proper, producing just one of them to slide. Future, leap on the barrel on the ground to make it move to the remaining. As soon as the barrel is on a plate, move on the other a single to unlock the doorway.


The alternatives for puzzle home #4 (left), #5 (middle), and #6 (correct).

How to clear up the password puzzle in the Sunken Ship

Now, it can be time to uncover the password for the Sunken Ship puzzle in Super Mario RPG. In this room, you’ll see 6 blocks with various letters. The blocks are also numbered one by means of six. Here’s what you need to have to do:

  • The Sunken Ship password is “PEARLS.”
  • That indicates you need to phase below the block with Critical Letter 1. Then, soar and strike it right until the letter “P” is chosen.
  • Move to the block with Key Letter 2, and jump till the letter “E” is chosen.
  • Do the similar for the other blocks until eventually you spell out the phrase “PEARLS.”
Hit the blocks until the correct letters are highlighted.
Strike the blocks till the correct letters are highlighted.

When you’re completed, communicate into the unit so Mario can mention the password. This will unlock the doorway that leads to the King Calamari boss struggle, so make sure you happen to be well geared up.

Spell out the password--PEARLS--to reach the next chamber.
Spell out the password–PEARLS–to reach the next chamber.

As an aside, you may have recognized that, based on all the clues and letters, it appears that both “Pearls” and “Corals” are practical solutions. Both objects are located in the bottom of the ocean and are very worthwhile, also. Having said that, only “Pearls” works as a password. Attempting to spell “Corals” will never unlock the doorway.

In any situation, which is all the things you need to have to know about how to finish all Sunken Ship puzzles in Super Mario RPG. Will not forget that there are lots of techniques to find as you take a look at, these as the Melody Bay Tadpole Audio benefits.

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