This ‘yellow’ donut’s mysterious taste is dividing the web

Australian grocery retailer Coles’ iced donuts have sparked a enormous debate on the internet around what the flavor of a single of its pastries.

Although most of us have been sitting back again and minding our personal organization these holidays, a Reddit publish has been pinging non-stop immediately after somebody posted a problem asking what the flavor of the delicious yellow iced donuts was. 

“I like to invest in the Coles 6-pack donuts that incorporate the strawberry, chocolate and ‘yellow’ donut. Does anyone know what taste the yellow donut basically is?” user @geecee98 asked.

“I consider it is pineapple but some people today think it is banana. Is it even intended to be a precise taste like chocolate and strawberry? Anyone settle this discussion you should!”

A Reddit post sparked a debate about the true flavor of a yellow donut sold at an Australian grocery store chain.
A Reddit write-up sparked a debate about the real flavor of a yellow donut offered at an Australian grocery retail outlet chain. Shutterstock

Is it pineapple or banana or just plain icing sugar?

About 200 opinions spilt into the chat like a jar of dropped sprinkles. And no one particular could definitely concur on the actual taste of the sugary treat. 

Very first arrived the pineapple theorists. 

“Tastes like pineapple to me, and I adore them. I’d purchase a whole pack of yellow ones if I could,” a person human being wrote. 

“I do not know but it is the ideal one particular, I think it is like pineapple,” another additional. 

And a different agreed: “I often assumed they were being pineapple.”

“Pineapple proper?” a further admirer added, also a minimal not sure.

Then the banana theorists entered the chat. 

“BANANA!! 🤣 actually they all style the exact same lol,” just one human being shared. 

“Banana induce all the things yellow is banana flavored. Duh,” one more insisted. 

And an additional echoed: “Banana the artificial flavor kind.”

There ended up a several rogue votes for lemon and other individuals who insisted it had no taste at all and the glaze was only icing sugar with yellow coloring. 

And then came some of the more promising guesses covering all fruits -give it up for tropical!

“Can ensure, labored at Coles and when I saw the label as ‘tropical donut topping’ my whole daily life felt like a lie,” a single individual settled the debate. 

And other individuals agreed.

“Tropical. As anyone who has created 1000’s of these bastards, the fondant flavor is tropical,” an additional said, when also dropping another bombshell about the other flavors identified in the six-pack. 

“The chocolate is chocolate and the pink is… pink. That is it. Pink Super Tender Fondant. Does not in fact have a flavor,” they additional. 

I’m sorry… WHAT NOW?! Pink isn’t strawberry????

What actually is the taste of Coles’ yellow iced donuts?

Ok Okay … One issue at a time.

Let’s not get distracted by a enjoyable fact we did not arrive below for. This tale is about the yellow icing and we’re pleased to report we acquired you the official remedy. 

Kidspot contacted Coles for clarification and in accordance to the supermarket, the serious flavor is….


“I can unquestionably support you settle the discussion the mystery yellow donut is tropical,” Coles’ Communications Supervisor Keith Brown verified, adding: “It’s great to see so significantly really like for these donuts.”

It’s also fantastic to see that the former workers in the authentic thread had been paying out interest for the duration of their shifts. Now we can go again to the couch. 

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