The Final Of Us 3 Sounds Extra Very likely Than Ever

Naughty Canine has teased it could make The Previous of Us: Portion III. Co-author and co-director of the initially two online games, Neil Druckmann, claimed in a new documentary that he thinks there is “possibly one particular a lot more chapter to this tale.”

“I have been contemplating–is there a principle there [for The Last of Us 3]? For, now a long time, I have not been able to find that idea. But just lately that’s adjusted. I do not have a story. But I do have that concept that is, to me, as fascinating as 1, as interesting as 2,” he explained. “As its individual detail, and still has this throughline for all 3. So it does come to feel like you can find most likely a single much more chapter to this tale.”

Of observe, this documentary was seemingly filmed some time in the past. It really is an formal output produced in partnership with Naughty Dog. As these kinds of, presumably it incorporates only the facts that was deemed suitable to share publicly, together with Druckmann’s feedback on a potential new Previous of Us activity.

But if Naughty Pet never can make a 3rd entry in the sequence, Druckmann explained The Last of Us: Section II is a “fantastic ending place.”

“I had the previous bite of the apple. The story is completed. The excellent point about performing at Naughty Pet dog is that we never have to [make The Last of Us 3]. We would really like another Past of Us,” he stated, cautioning, even though, that if the staff desires to make a little something else, they will make some thing else as an alternative.

“It can be a really privileged posture to be in,” he stated.

Also in the interview, Druckmann clarified his opinions from 2021 when he proposed he previously experienced an outline for The Final of Us 3. That’s not true, he stated. What he was referring to at the time was an define for a story focusing on the character Tommy.

“We have composed a story that can take spot right after The Final of Us 2. It stars Tommy. And I hope one particular working day we get to make it,” Druckmann claimed, including that this was never ever conceived as a full video game but as an alternative a smaller, extra concentrated story.

Naughty Dog did not make this Tommy recreation due to the fact the studio had “better priorities” at the time, like bettering the company’s advancement pipeline and addressing the firm’s operate/everyday living stability challenges that produced headlines.

Druckmann went on to say he is hopeful the Tommy story can “see the mild of day” sometime, no matter whether it is informed through a video game, a display, or anything else. “TBD,” he reported.

Naughty Puppy not too long ago canceled its Past of Us multiplayer activity and is now shifting its focus squarely on the two one-player games it has in the will work. These continue to be unannounced, and lots of are anticipating just one of them to be The Very last of Us 3. The other could be a new IP.

Naughty Canine has said it is performed with the Uncharted series, inspite of that franchise’s large commercial success. A diverse studio could occur in to make Uncharted 5, although.

In other news, HBO’s The Previous of Us Tv series returns in 2025, and it just recently included yet another major name to its cast.

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