The 25 best standing desks in 2024

Love the flexibility of working from home, but hate the lack of flexibility of being tied to your desk or chair all day?

Many who work from home on the regular have made the switch from a traditional desk setup to a standing one, or even a walking one for those that like to get their steps in. However, since a standing desk contraption can be a bulky investment, you’re probably wondering — where is the best place to buy one?

Like the answer to most questions, it can be found on Amazon. The online retailer not only sells standing desks of all heights and makes, but in a variety of price ranges, too, from simple desk risers to full builds that include upgrades like storage and motorized features. The best part is that they are delivered right to your door, many coming with the option to add on expert assembly, too.

Speaking of experts, we also spoke with two medical and fitness specialists. First, certified strength and conditioning specialist Mike Tromello, RSCC, who is also the owner of Precision CrossFit in Agoura Hills, California gave us his take on the trend.

“Working at a desk all day tightens up the hips, which leads to low back pain. In addition, low back pain usually means a person has weak abdominal muscles,” explained Tromello.

“Those who work from home can be more active especially if they have a stand up desk, take calls walking around the house or even around a trail, and can move more freely throughout their work day. This alleviates so many issues like those mentioned just because as we have heard before, ‘A body in motion, stays in motion.’ People who work from home are able to do this easier which is better for their health and longevity.”

We want you to keep you body in motion, per Tromello’s suggestion, and so adding a standing desk can mean the world. We also suggest adding a walking pad underneath your standing desk, adding even more steps to your typically sedentary work life.

Dr. Caroline Cederquist, chief medical officer at bistroMD and board-certified physician in family and functional medicine agrees that movement is essential for a productive and healthy work day.

“A general recommendation is getting 10,000 steps per day, which is what I like to personally aim for. However, the utmost importance isn’t necessarily getting those steps in but striving to be less sedentary throughout the day—even if that means quick and small active bouts,” said Dr. Cederquist. “Take quick, yet intentional breaks throughout the day—your movements truly don’t have to be so formal! Even if you feel extra busy, I’ve found even just a few minutes away from my screen freshens my mind and heightens my alertness and productivity.”

Take a quick walk, per the doctor’s orders above, and then take a look below at the best standing desks on Amazon.

Best Standing Desks

Brand spotlight

Flexispot E7 Pro Premium Standing Desk

A desk with a laptop on top.


  • High weight capacity
  • Stable
  • Lots of surface space

It’s believed that we spend one third of our life working, so it only makes sense to invest in a reliable standing desk. For the person who needs space for their laptop, desk monitor, note pads and keyboard, we suggest the Flexispot E7 Pro. A favorite brand of one of our editors, the electric desk can hold a load of up to 440 pounds and is designed with a semi-C leg structure to give the ultimate stability. Cable clips and gripping tape keep your cords tangle-free, and you can literally raise and lower the desk with the press of a button. Available in a variety of finishes, height ranges and armed with a handy USB port, you’ll actually look forward to getting work done with it as your desk mate.

Product details: 47.2-80W x 24.4-50H | Available in three different styles | Weight capacity: Up to 440 pounds

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Best Overall: FLEXISPOT EG1 Standing Desk

A brown standing desk


  • Available in multiple size options
  • Simple to adjust
  • Scratch-resistant surface


  • Assembly is a bit labor intensive

Make your desk as flexible as your new work from home schedule. This FLEXISPOT brand desk is an Amazon Choice product, with over 1,500 positive reviews and counting. The desk comes in a variety of colors and sizes, adjusting to your needs for color and space.

Customer Review: I love that I can use it sitting or standing up. Such a game changer for someone who is constantly on a computer for work. Not only am I working full-time from home, but I also run a [business]. The desk easily goes taller with the push of a button. It really makes my life so much easier just being able to adjust the height of it for all my different needs throughout the day! The stand up feature is nice when I need a break from sitting and also is helpful for when I am packaging my [orders] and still need a workspace. It helps not having to clear off a space on my kitchen island. Highly recommend this desk to anyone who is looking to up their game working at home and wanting to make their life easier! It was super easy to assemble and also helps me work on my bad posture. It even has holes in the back to put all your cords through, so they aren’t hanging all over the place. A+!”

Product details: Size options: 23.6D x 43W x 29H — 28D x 55W x 47.6H | Available in four different finishes/colors | Weight capacity: 132 pounds

Best for Small Spaces: VIVO Electric Height Adjustable Memory Stand Up Desk

A wooden standing desk with a computer on top


  • Enough room for laptop and monitor, but doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • Push button controller with memory presets
  • Available with more than 30 different table top finishes


  • Some customers complain of it feeling unstable

This desk is great for those that only want one piece of equipment that can do it all. The standing desk has three memory presets and can adjust at the tap of a button. It also comes in a wide variety of colors, three sizes and with the option for assembly.

Customer review: “This is my second desk by this maker. I was impressed with the first desk, but wasn’t sure I wanted to invest as much for a second. I’m so glad I did! I work at home and am at my desk all day. The ability to sit and stand with a press of a button leaves me with no excuses for standing and stretching periodically. This brand seems expensive compared to some other desks you’ll see, but it’s worth the investment. It’s sturdy, very well made, and the table has a finish that is very durable. This particular model is deeper than my first, which is perfect for my large monitors. I love these desks!”

Product details: Size options: 23.6D x 43W x 29H — 35D x 58.1W x 29.2H | Available in 33 different finishes/styles | Weight capacity: 176 pounds

Best with Storage: FEZIBO Dual Motor Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk with Keyboard Tray

A standing desk with drawers


  • Side hooks
  • Pull-out drawer for keyboard
  • Lockable, swivel casters


  • Assembly takes close to an hour

This desk comes with all the storage you could want, but in a more compact layout. The FEZIBO desk has enough surface area to hold a dual monitor work set up, plus a laptop and other desk items like a lamp, coffee cups and even headphones with a place to hang them. It comes with or without assembly in four colors and three sizes.

Customer review: “This desk is amazing. I have lower back issues and my physical therapist told me to get a standing desk. I work from home full-time, so it’s the purchase that made sense. It’s also pretty cheap compared to others I’ve [seen]. It’s spacious, the second level puts my monitor at perfect eye level, and it looks really good in my living room! I’ve had it for a few months, too, and have had no issues. The drawers are clutch as well. You can’t go wrong with it.”

Product details: Size options: 21D x 50W x 8H — 26D x 55W x 27.7H | Available in 11 different styles | Weight capacity: 178 pounds

Best L-Shaped: BANTI Triple Motors L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

An L shaped standing desk


  • Side hooks
  • Customizable heigh preference
  • Quiet operation


  • Heavy
  • Assembly takes awhile, and may be better with two people

To contrast the option above, if you have a larger space or a bunch of tech to keep track of, this L-shaped desk is the best fit for you. It’s large enough to store computers, printers, laptops and more, and can fit into the corner of your room for a great office layout. It comes in black, light brown and darker brown and can be purchased with expert assembly if needed.

Customer review: “I bought this for a new job working from home. It was very straightforward to put together. I love the presets so it’s easy to adjust the height for sitting or standing. Lots of surface area for 2 laptops and an extra monitor and then some. I use this EVERY DAY. By that I mean I go from sitting to standing several times a day, every day, and it’s holding up great. So far almost 10 months in and I have no complaints.”

Product details: Size options: 47.3D x 63W x 46H — 63D x 75W x 27.6H | Available in 8 different colors, three styles and sizes | Weight capacity: 330 pounds

Most Easy to Assemble: Monomi Electric Standing Desk

A standing desk


  • Doesn’t take. up a lot of space
  • Side hooks
  • Transport wheels
  • Anti-collision sensor


  • Not ideal for more than one monitor

Stand up and sit back down again with ease, using this electric standing desk. The desk raises and lowers at the touch of a button, and also has enough room for monitors, laptops and hanging hooks for your work things.

Consumer review: “This desk is perfect and very sturdy. I currently have a two monitor setup and it fits this desk very well. In addition, the wood is nice and thick, so there is no bowing in the middle like some other desks at this price. The standing feature is a must, and the desk quickly raises and lowers to my desired height.”

Product details: 48D x 24W x 46H — 28D x 63W x 46H | Available in seven different styles and three different sizes | Weight capacity: 188 pounds

Best Table Top: TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter

A standing desk with two monitors


  • Space saving design
  • Large enough for two monitors (one large, one small)
  • Portable

For an easy transition from a regular desk to a standing one, consider this riser, which can be placed on your current desk for an upgrade. The TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter comes with a place for your monitor as well as a keyboard and mouse shelf, which can also be used for other desk needs should you be a laptop user.

Customer review: “I have been working from home for months. My joints have been starting to ache so after searching for something to allow me to stand at my desk, I found this. It only took a few minutes to set up and fits my laptop, second monitor, keyboard and mouse. I am so happy! Great quality and easy to adjust to the perfect height. Highly recommend!”

Product details: Size options: 16.1L x 31.5W x 19.88H — 39L x 41.5W x 19.88H | Available in three styles and seven different sizes | Weight capacity: 34 pounds on top tier, 4 pounds on bottom tier

Best Manual: Ergotron WorkFit-Z Mini Small Standing Desk Converter

A standing desk convertor with a computer


  • Easy to move from one room to another
  • Device holders
  • Comes pre-assembled

Bring this into your home office or the actual office to upgrade your space, big or small. The Ergoton WorkFit-Z Mini is a great space-saver, as all you need to do is place it on your current desk and raise or lower it to fit your needs. It also comes with a keyboard shelf in the middle and a handy nook for your phone and other electronics.

Customer review: “I bought this for my husband for use in our home office. It’s easily placed on a desk — no assembly required. It’s very sturdy and moves up and down easily like an ironing board. He loves it. Can’t say enough about it.”

Product details: Size options: 33.5L x 7.63W x 26.25H | Available in one color and size | Weight capacity: 25 pounds

Best Adjustable: Vari Electric Standing Desk

A black standing desk with two monitors


  • Four different height settings
  • T-Style legs
  • Dual power motor


  • Sliding legs into place can be difficult

Sit or stand, this desk can accommodate it all. The fully electric desk can be adjusted to four different memorized height settings and has a super quiet motor, as to not disturb others working from home. It comes with the option for expert assembly and in a variety of five colors and two desk sizes.

Customer review: “I bought this desk for work and was not disappointed. It’s, laminated on top so its hard to damage the surface. Height adjustment settings work great. Although the assembly is quite straight forward, you should use a second person during, as this thing is not light.”

Product details: 30D x 48W x 25H — 30D x 72W x 25H | Available in five different colors | Weight capacity: 200 pounds

Best Compact: Klvied Mobile Standing Desk with Cup Holder

A black standing desk


  • Transport wheels
  • Storage hooks
  • Cup holder

Have your coffee on the go, while working from your standing desk. This option is slim enough to be placed anywhere in your home office, but comes with a lot of fun accessories, like a hook for your headphones, a keyboard shelf and even a cup holder. It also happens to be the most affordable, at $70 without expert assembly added on.

Compact review: “It is adjustable as far as height. The top is two separate tables that adjust independently. One side tilts to allow for better keyboard use. Rolls or locks so that it’s stationary. Cup holder holds my 40 ounce [cup], but precariously. Probably better for smaller, less heavy cups. Has places to put your pens and pencils. Overall, I’m in love. Works perfectly to use my laptop as I walk around my classroom.”

Product details: Size options: 21.6L x 23.6W x 37H | Available in seven different colors

Best Standing: SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk

A black standing desk


  • Quick assembly
  • Cart style


  • Can’t fit a lot of items on surface

This desk does a stand-up job. The skinny standing desk is great for small office spaces, and can be easily moved from room to room on it’s wheels at the base. It comes in black, beige, wood and even in pink to match your trendy home office space.

Customer review: “It’s easy to put together because the instructions are very specific. You just have to take it slow and don’t rush the process. The desk is beautiful, and it makes my animation sessions so much more fun. I personally bought a highchair for it and feel like I’m floating on air whenever I work. [The desk] is sturdy if you build it right, so don’t rush, and keep those screws nice and tight.”

Product details: Size options: 21.65D x 23.62W x 27.5H | Available in four styles | Weight capacity: 66 pounds

Best with USB Port: EUREKA ERGONOMIC Electric Standing Desk with Double Drawers

A brown standing desk with a computer on it


  • Made with engineered wood
  • Built-in drawers
  • Includes two USB ports


  • Only available in two finishes

You’ve found it! A sleek, substantial standing desk, sold on Amazon. This model comes with two pull-out drawers that are great for office storage, paperwork and more, keeping the rest of the surface clear for your laptop and other accessories.

Customer review: “Got this desk for my employee who has a disability, so she could sit and/or stand while working. She loves the desk and is able to work from either sitting or standing without putting continuous pressure on her lower back.”

Product details: Size options: 23.6D x 47W x 48H — 23.6D x 55W x 48H | Available in two different finishes

Best Sit and Stand: VariDesk Pro Plus 36 by Vari – Dual Monitor Standing Desk Converter

A black standing desk riser with two monitors


  • Can fit two monitors
  • Quick assembly
  • Laptop cutout on bottom tier

Two is better than one, right? In the case of having space for two monitors, yes. This is a great gadget for that, as it has enough surface area to have a dual monitor setup and can sit on top of most any desks to convert it into the standing desk of your dreams.

Customer review: “This desk is very sturdy and it’s so handy that it comes assembled. It has a great design that allows room for a mouse and notepad. It’s been so beneficial to not sit all day long. I would highly recommend it.”

Product details: Size options: 36L x 29.75W x 4.5H

Best Laptop Stand: Ergotron LearnFit Mobile Standing Desk

A gray standing desk


  • Storage
  • Water bottle holder
  • Wheels for easy transport

Work from anywhere when you have a desk on wheels. This slim standing desk is great for in the office or at home, as you can move it around with ease, while keeping all your tech, cords and other materials neatly tucked into the attached slots and cup holder.

Customer review: “Perfect for moving about a building and meeting with people anywhere. Very sturdy and moves smoothly.”

Product details: Minimum height: 33 inches, Maximum height: 49 inches | Available in two height options

Best Converting: Stand Steady X-Elite Pro

A woman standing at a desk


  • Large surface space
  • Scuff resistant
  • Handles for easier transport

Stand tall and steady with this desk from Amazon. The Stand Steady comes in a corner desk configuration, which is great for cubicles in the office or L-shaped desks. This model comes in a stunning cherry brown, as well as in black, maple and white.

Customer review: “This desk has room for me to hold my arms at 90 degrees. Instantly felt pain relief in neck. Shoulders and forearms. I love this desk. One draw back — very hard to lift up to stand.”

Product review: 21.5L x 40W x 16.75H | Available in two different finishes

Best with Standing Mat: UPLIFT Desk V2 with Bamboo Rocker-X Board

A brown standing desk


  • Comes with accessories including cable tie mounts
  • Eco-friendly UV-cured finish
  • Memory keypad

This standing desk is an uplifting addition to your space. The UPLIFT brand desk also comes with a standing pad, made of matching bamboo material, to help increase mobility even more as your rock, swivel and practice balance.

Customer review: “Love this desk and the variety of options offered for the wood. It’s very sturdy and moves up and down at a very good speed. The instructions to build could be a little more clear (I think the only reason it could be misunderstood is because of how many different options that are offered to you). Other than that, everything is a ten out of ten.”

Product detail: Size options: 30D x 42W x 49H — 30D x 80W x 49H | Available in 19 different styles and five different sizes | Weight capacity: 355 pounds

Best with Walking Pad: Funmily Treadmill with Desk Workstation

A woman on a standing desk treadmill with her laptop.


  • Desk treadmill has a 2.5HP motor
  • Adjustable desk height
  • Has incline


  • A few customers report a difficult set up and that the machine trips their breakers

Many of us have learned the benefits of a standing desk since the Pandemic. Similarly, we’ve also realized the necessity of getting exercise during the day, which is why we love this pick. It makes it so much easier to get those daily steps in while knocking out emails or being on those “off camera” video calls. The horse power for the treadmill is slightly on the lower end, so if you want to rely on this for long runs, it may not be for you. However, it’s great for power walking, and can go up to 7.5 miles per hour. It’s Bluetooth compatible too, has a handy LCD screen, and also has a manual incline. Best of all, the desk height, which is wide enough for a laptop and a few small items, is adjustable for your comfort.

Customer review: “I have been using this treadmill for about a month now. It is perfect for getting some exercise while working. My laptop fits nicely on it. The legs easily adjust to accommodate the necessary height. I was able to easily put it together by myself. I did need some help from my son to get it into my basement as the box was heavy to lift. It easily folds up and can be wheeled out of the way as needed.”

Product details: 54D x 26.5W x 48H | Horse power: 2.5 | Maximum speed: 7.5mph | Weight capacity: 300 pounds

Best for kids: COSVALVE Adjustable Kids Desk with Hutch and Drawers

Kids' standing desk with hutch in the colors white and pink.


  • On the pricier end for a child’s desk
  • White color makes it easy to spot stains

Kids need to stand up and stretch, too. This standing desk for children is a great school-from-home option or a great study desk for homework, crafts and more. It has a hand crank for an electric-free setup that you can use anywhere.

Customer review: “This was easy to put together, very well constructed, sturdy, and nice quality materials. I am pleasantly surprised at how great this desk is, and my kiddo is doubly amazed at how great it is. Super cute, nice drawers, and steady rise. Buy this one!”

Product details: Sizing: 23.6D x 47.2W x 45.6H | Available in two colors | Weight capacity: 160 pounds

Best for Left Handed: Arionna 63″Dual Motor Adjustable Height Standing Desk

A standing desk with three monitors


  • Assembly tools included
  • Place to store cables
  • Adjustable controllers


  • One customer reported desk being slightly wobbly on carpet

If you’re left handed, you know a lot of things are not built with you in mind. Fortunately, this desk isn’t one of them. Its control can be stationed wherever you need for a more intuitive working experience, plus there’s a place to store cables, and the work surface offers plenty of room. We love the rustic look of the manufactured wood, too!

Customer review: “I was able to assemble the desk by myself. I like that the height control can be on the left or the right side of the desk. We haven’t had a chance to use it much yet. But overall, it seems sturdy and looks nice. The four sections that make up the surface of the desk lined up perfectly.”

Product details: 63W x 30D x 27-45H | Available in two finishes | Weight capacity: 180 pounds

Most from Best Buy: Victor – Acacia Wood Stand-Up Desk Converter

A wood standing desk that looks like a bookcase.
Best Buy


  • Unique look
  • Doubles as a bookshelf


  • Converter only has a 10 pound weight capacity

If you hate the traditional standing desk, this option from Best Buy may be for you. It looks like a regular bookcase, but can easily be transitioned and used as a sit or standing desk. It can’t hold a lot, which is a major bummer, but it will still get the job done. It’s also currently under $120, which is a huge bonus!

Product details: 27H x 24.7W | Weight capacity: 10 pounds

Best with Chair: COSVALVE Premium Kids Study Desk and Chair Set

A blue desk and chair


  • Side hooks for backpack
  • Chair has lockable wheels


  • Chair only has a 55 pound weight capacity

Another option for kids is this two-in-one set, that comes with an adjustable desk and an ergonomic chair for all the best studying and crafting posture.

Customer review: “Bought this for my daughter for homeschool and she does not want to leave it. Great working area and helps keep everything organized.”

Product details: Maximum desk height: 29.9 inches

Best Gaming: FEZIBO 63″ Triple Motor L Shaped Standing Desk with LED Strip

A gaming desk


  • L-shape style that’s great for multiple screens and devices
  • Storage hooks
  • Some styles include power outlets


  • Not ideal for small spaces

Get your game on, standing or sitting. This desk set up is designed with a gamer in mind, with enough room for a huge gaming computer display, plus an LED light strip and extra outlets built in to the desk.

Customer review: “Overall I am very pleased with this product. Assembly did take several hours. However, it was not too difficult, and the instructions were very clear. The quality is great — especially for the price. The desk moves easily with the wheels, which also lock nicely into place. [It] moves up and down easily and the memory function is great.”

Product details: Size: 24D x 63W x 27H | Available in seven different styles | Weight capacity: 178 pounds

Best Wall Mounted: Hashtag Home Brantley 24.8” Desk

A wall-style standing desk with a chair and storage.


  • Great for small spaces
  • Includes shelf storage
  • Color options


  • Not suitable for those who need multiple screens

If you’re low on space, the last thing you probably want is a big, clunky desk messing with your feng shui. Our solution? This wall desk. It can be placed as high as you need, and then enjoyed with a high chair or as a standing desk. The table can be closed when not in use, plus the top offers some storage for knickknacks and small office items.

Customer review: “Exactly what I was looking for. I moved into a 600 square-feet studio recently and needed a place to work that didn’t consume too much space. This looks great on my wall and opens up into a surprisingly spacious desk area. Does not look or feel cheap either. I highly recommend — especially for a smaller space.”

Product details: 23.375W x 15.125D | Available in four different styles | Weight capacity: 106 pounds

Most unique: EUREKA Ergonomic Music Sensing RGB LED Lights Glass Gaming Standing Desk

A gaming standing desk


  • Good standing desk for DJs
  • Cup holder and storage hooks
  • Two built-in USB ports


  • Will not appeal to the majority of aesthetic taste

Turn up the tunes and raise the roof…and the desk. This super high-tech desk can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button and can also sync to your music, with a light show right inside the desk.

Product details: Size: 23.62D x 47.24W x 30H Weight capacity: 200 pounds

Best Budget: Flash Furniture Black Sit to Stand Mobile Laptop Computer Desk

A small standing desk


  • Under $100
  • Adjustable height

Bigger isn’t always better. This black standing desk is made for just you and your laptop, which is all you need when working from home or surfing the web. It also has wheels on the bottom, for an on-the-go experience.

Customer review: “I bought this for my classroom and love it. It serves it’s purpose. I bought it to use as a mobile podium. I am 5-feet three inches, and it goes right above my hips at full height, so I would not recommend it as a standing desk for anyone over 5-feet six inches. It was super easy to put together. It took me under 10 minutes.”

Product details: 13D x 25.25W x 36.5H | Available in four different styles

How to pick the best standing desk for you:

Type: There are a few different types of standing desks included above, with options for electric ones that can be lowered or raised with a button, stationary ones and even desks on wheels. Think about what you need, your height and even where you will be working and then choose from the options above. Plus, some standing desks allow for room for a walking pad underneath, to get in even more movement.

“Walking pads can be a great way to get in your daily steps while working—just as long as it doesn’t interfere with your productivity, that is. However, even walking at a slow pace or in short bursts can increase your overall activity levels. Some people even find walking while working can get their creative juices flowing and spur productivity,” said Dr. Cederquist.

Price: Standing desks don’t need to be a huge investment, if you don’t want them to be. We included a range of prices, starting at just $80.

Size: How big should my standing desk be? It depends on what your work set-up requires. Choose a smaller desk for a single laptop, or a larger one if you have multiple monitors and other gadgets that you need everyday.

Shape: Going hand-in hand with the above, you can tailor your standing desk to your space. Some desks can simply be set on top of an existing service, while others come in an L-shape to neatly fit into the corner of the room.

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