Researcher claims suspicious footprints, dead boar proves existence of Australia’s Bigfoot

An Australian yowie researcher is convinced eerie footage exhibiting a boar sliced in half and a number of huge “footprints” leading away from the scene is proof the creature exists.

The clip, believed to have been filmed in North Queensland numerous many years ago, has just lately resurfaced throughout social media channels and on line message boards.

It displays a team of employees discovering the carcass of a wild boar ripped cleanly in two, with “footprints” main away from the graphic scene.

The adult men in the minute-prolonged online video are read toiling above what could have triggered the animal’s dying.

“F***ing ripped clean up in 50 %, and then this future to it.” a person of the adult males declares as he pans from the boar’s continues to be to the massive supposed footprint.

The footprint in query dwarfs the man’s workboot in width and size.

“It’s absent up the hill,” he continues, as the footage displays what appears to be the footsteps disappearing into the bush.

Harrison has spent 25 many years investigating yowies.

Dean Harrison has invested 25 yrs looking into yowies — Australia’s variation of Bigfoot — after a meant personal interaction with the mysterious beast in South East Queensland.

He instructed that he obtained the footage from the resource about two yrs in the past, and most things test out.

Evidence involves big footprints.

“Those toes are best – like other illustrations of relic hominids,” he said.

He said the workers’ response in the video clip was another variable that manufactured him assume it was authentic, stating “the narrative seems extremely genuine”.

“I also acquire reviews of animals ripped in 50 percent all the time,” he extra, stating that usually there is little mess, as was the case with this report.

Mr. Harrison promises a supply revealed the clip was taken by a crew performing on the Adani Rail challenge in Central Queensland amongst the small mining cities of Glenden and Claremont.

The footage also showed a wild boar sliced in half.
Staff also noted inner thoughts of remaining “watched” on the web-site.

They described finding drag marks off the obtain track and adopted them for a couple hundred metres, exactly where they identified the torn-apart pig and footprints main back again into the bush.

In accordance to the witnesses, Mr. Harrison claims, Indigenous employees on the undertaking noted feeling as if they have been becoming viewed and other odd occurrences on the project, which includes sightings of Min Min lights, peculiar noises, and unexplained website visitors in camp.

“In my view, anything appears to be like correct,” Mr. Harrison said.

Australian Yowie Study, Mr. Harrison’s research hub, has logged in excess of 1,000 studies of yowies in every single Australian condition and territory.

According to its findings, New South Wales (54 per cent) and Queensland (30 percent) are the most widespread states for conclusions.

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