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There are lots of secrets in Remnant 2, some of which involve creating critical conclusions. In these circumstances, the option you make leads to a specific reward. Our tutorial discusses the rewards if you spare or kill Nimue in Remnant 2: The Awakened King. We also communicate about how we were being in a position to learn these rewards rapidly by using backup will save. Last of all, make sure you be reminded that this article is made up of spoilers.

Really should you spare or eliminate Nimue in Remnant 2: The Woke up King

The conclusion to spare or eliminate Nimue in Remnant 2: The Woke up King happens when you satisfy the DLC’s boss. Sure, it truly is quite fitting considering the fact that the lord of the castle is acknowledged as the A person Accurate King.

Meeting with the One particular Real King and making your final decision

You’ll satisfy this mad lord in the Chamber of the Faithless, which is an space related to the Palace of the 1 Accurate King. You’ll be offered with quite a few dialogue choices, some of which lead to branching paths:

  • [Crossed swords icon]: “Seems like a lot of trouble, let’s fight,” or “You get in touch with that an remedy?” – Immediately prospects to a boss battle versus the A single Real King.
  • “What is my task, majesty?” or “All proper, then, what is my task?” – Will allow the One Real King to suggest an additional system: the assassination of Nimue.

We talk about this manager struggle in our 1 Legitimate King/Monarch information. For now, while, let us fake that you agreed to the One Accurate King’s proposal. You may be presented a quest merchandise regarded as the Rod of Retribution, which can be applied to get rid of Nimue.

The One True King gives you a fateful choice.
The A person Correct King gives you a fateful selection.

Wherever to find Nimue

You can find Nimue in Remnant 2: The Awakened King by likely back to the Palace of the 1 Genuine King area. There, you’ll see a small space with Fae Archers. If you hop previous the railing, you are going to see yet another staircase that sales opportunities even more down.

The exit takes you to the back place of the Forlorn Coast, in which you may spot a lone tower. Make your way there and acquire out the miniboss that appears (i.e. it was the Mangled Atoner for us). Then, enter the tower and proceed heading down to see an opening that sales opportunities to Nimue’s chamber.

The doorway to her chamber can also be unlocked. The path potential customers you back to the initial rapidly vacation place in the Forlorn Coastline, so you can speedily return to this position by using Globe Crystals.


Hopping down the railings in the palace (remaining) prospects you to an area with the Nimue’s tower (suitable).

Eliminate Nimue: Damaged Heart relic

Speak to Nimue and she’ll say that there is darkness in your heart. Choose: “[Kill Nimue] It really is time to die, lady!” A brief cutscene will bring about, the place you character will plunge the Rod of Retribution into the goddess’ coronary heart. Her entire body will transform ashen gray, implying that all daily life has still left her.

If you get rid of Nimue in Remnant 2: The Awakened King, you are going to receive the Damaged Coronary heart relic. It has the following impact: Innate +50% use speed reward on use, sets recent wellbeing to 50% of max overall health above .25 seconds.

When you return to the Just one Real King, he’ll be happy with how you taken care of the task. Nonetheless, for the reason that you just killed a goddess, he’ll develop into paranoid and consider that you’re still out to assassinate him. So, of course, you however require to battle him.

Killing Nimue with the Rod of Retribution nets you the Broken Heart relic, though you still need to fight the One True King afterward.
Killing Nimue with the Rod of Retribution nets you the Broken Coronary heart relic, nevertheless you however need to fight the Just one True King afterward.

Spare Nimue: Present of the Unbound amulet

One particular alternate consequence is to spare Nimue in Remnant 2: The Awakened King. To do this, go on conversing to Nimue as she tells you of her system. Then, decide on: “[Spare Nimue] You get, I hope I you should not regret this.”

You can be supplied a quest product termed Nimue’s Vow. Return to the One Legitimate King and defeat him in battle to turn the item into Nimue’s Blood-Marred Vow.

Finally, go again to Nimue and hand over the quest merchandise. You are going to be rewarded with the Present of the Unbound, an amulet with the adhering to outcomes: Disables the unfavorable outcomes of Burden Rings restricts utmost wellness attained by 20% per result disabled.

The “Load Rings” are add-ons like the Stress of the Rebel, Stress of the Stargazer, Burden of the Gambler, and other individuals. This is an illustration of how the Present of the Unbound is meant to function:

  • Burden of the Gambler’s default outcomes: +10% crit possibility and +20% crit destruction disables weak places.
  • If you might be donning the Present of the Unbound: You can even now strike the weak places of targets, although also retaining the +10% crit probability and +20% crit damage bonuses.


Nimue provides you a quest merchandise (left), which can be exchanged for the Reward of the Unbound (suitable) the moment you’ve overwhelmed the Just one True King.

Defeat the Just one Real King without agreeing to his program: Jewel of the Beholden ring

Lastly, it really is feasible to just battle the Just one Legitimate King when you initial satisfy him, instead of listening to of his programs. As outlined earlier, you just require to decide on the responses with the crossed swords icon–i.e. “Seems like a good deal of problem, let’s fight,” or “You call that an solution?”

Soon after beating the boss, make your way to Nimue’s chamber in Forlorn Coast. Convey to her about the news to obtain the Jewel of the Beholden ring, which has the following consequences: On relic use, increase mod destruction by +15% for 10 seconds.

If you kill the One True King outright without listening to his plans, Nimue will reward you with the Jewel of the Beholden.
If you get rid of the Just one Accurate King outright devoid of listening to his strategies, Nimue will reward you with the Jewel of the Beholden.

As you can see, there are vastly unique rewards regardless of whether you spare or destroy Nimue in Remnant 2: The Woke up King. Of class, all of these are tied, in some way, to the DLC’s final boss. You can understand additional about the encounter in our Just one Legitimate King/Monarch information.

Remnant 2: The Awakened King will take you to a new zone in the location of Losomn. The DLC itself is crammed with a lot of techniques, including the Ritualist class. For other tips and practices, you can go to our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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