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Remaining Fantasy 7 Rebirth at the time once more places you in the part of Cloud Strife, who’s backed by teammates that are prepared to kick the butts of megacorporations and extended-haired badasses. This journey, which starts off from the outskirts of Midgar all the way to the other aspect of the regarded entire world, can choose over a hundred several hours. There are a lot of functions and functions that you will need to look at if you want to get the comprehensive working experience. That brings us to our Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth guides hub, which tackles a lot of mechanics and ideas to aid you together the way.

Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth guides hub

Starter guides

These Remaining Fantasy 7 Rebirth guides focus on some basic ideas, best if you happen to be just setting up out. We also communicate about noteworthy information about the figures in the activity.

Romance and character interactions

Cloud has many teammates that he journeys with. By means of particular steps, selections, and responses, some could develop into dependable pals. There are also a few of likely romance options.

World Intel activities and general exploration

Planet Intel actions are those specified to you by Chadley. Consider of these as points-of-desire or bounties, tasks that have you roaming across full areas. We also discuss other concepts that aren’t always component of World Intel information gathering, but are nevertheless exploration-connected.


You can make use of these effective deities to switch the tide of battle with their exclusive and devastating capabilities. Whilst some are offered by default, other folks can be obtained by numerous implies, these kinds of as help you save file detection.

Minigames, collectibles, and rewards

There are a large amount of minigames in Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth. While we will not likely focus on all of them, we do have guides for a several of the important pursuits.

Queen’s Blood

Talking of minigames, Queen’s Blood is really much the legitimate successor to Triple Triad from Final Fantasy 8. Sorry, Tetra Learn. This grid-based mostly card recreation has you making a practical deck so you can open up/capture positions, obtain higher details, and even resolve a dark secret.

  • How to gain Queen’s Blood matches
  • All Queen’s Blood opponents/rank-ups
  • All Queen’s Blood cards
  • Greatest Queen’s Blood playing cards for your deck
  • Legendary: Emerald Witch
  • Legendary: Shadowblood Queen

We will carry on introducing additional articles to our Closing Fantasy 7 Rebirth guides hub, so keep tuned.

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