PS5 System Update Out Now, Doesn’t Do Much

After a few major updates to the PS5’s operating system, the latest system update is here–and it doesn’t do much. The most recent update only has one line in its patch notes and is focused on system performance, meaning most PS5 players wont’ notice much of a difference.

Compared to previous updates that have added new features and changed the console’s UI to make it easier to use, the latest update only has one note: “This system software update improves system performance.” the update brings the PS5 system up to version 23.02-08.20.02.

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As a minor update, you won’t have to install the new version before getting into your online gaming on the PS5, but as a relatively small update of 851 MB, it won’t take long to download anyway.

The PS5 has had a few major updates this year, with one adding support for Discord and VRR 1440p support, while a later update improved accessibility features and made it easier to connect with friends.

Sony hasn’t yet revealed what’s planned for future system updates. One upgrade that’s often requested by fans is enabling dynamic themes for the PS5, a popular feature for the PS4 that so far hasn’t made the jump to the newest generation of consoles.

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