My sister is a compulsive liar

Pricey ABBY: Over the years, my more youthful sister, “Hannah,” has been lying about some major points, this sort of as: She promises she was there on your own with our father when he died that our older sister experimented with to speak her into signing herself into a state mental healthcare facility that my boyfriend was imaginary, and many others. 

Her most the latest fabrication, told to an elderly relative, is that our mom set Hannah unattended on a airplane from New York to Virginia when she was 12, with a layover in Philadelphia. She stated a male on the plane befriended her and took her to the VIP lounge, wherever he gave her wine and deserted her there. The trip was supposedly to go to our more mature sister’s to assist with a new child little one. 

A fast math check confirmed the newborn wasn’t born right until Hannah was 15. When that fact was introduced to her, Hanna explained, “Well, then the vacation was for some other rationale.” Our older sister suggests Hannah hardly ever came to Virginia on a airplane or otherwise. This most modern lie has bothered me extra than the many others since I imagined Hannah was accomplishing superior. 

Numerous folks have proposed to her that she may well advantage from medication, but she refuses to even contemplate that. Ought to I just enable it go? I could not say she was a risk to herself or other people, so reporting her habits wouldn’t get her the assist she desires. — Significantly FROM THE Fact

Pricey Significantly: Your sister is a fabulist — someone who composes or relates fables and invents elaborate, untrue tales. From what you have explained, she simply cannot enable herself. Some people today do this because they will need to be the centre of awareness. You are not likely to alter Hannah, and medication won’t make her condition go away. Enable it go.

Expensive ABBY: 3 years ago, with the support of my spouse, I voluntarily gave up driving. I have some minor memory complications and depth perception concerns. I depart the household only when I stroll the pet dog or my wife drives me somewhere. Being basically housebound has caused my mental well being to deteriorate. 

I would like to revisit this driving privileges problem with my wife. I will propose that I enroll in a remedial driving university to relearn my capabilities. My wife is dead established in opposition to it. I’m not guaranteed she would be amenable to driving remediation. What do you imagine? — MISSES MOBILITY IN OHIO

Pricey MISSES MOBILITY: I can have an understanding of your wife’s reluctance to enable you to resume driving. Driving lessons might not be adequate to compensate for your vision challenge, and if there is a hazard of your turning out to be lost (yet again) and winding up God understands in which, you should not be powering the wheel. 

This, even so, doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to keep on being imprisoned in the property. Examine what general public transportation is out there in your city. If it is not handy, consider employing a driving provider — Uber and Lyft occur to thoughts — to choose you where you want to go. They are as very simple to use as setting up their apps and typing in your ideal spot. Check them out. Many folks of every age use and appreciate them. 

Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her mom, Pauline Phillips. Speak to Expensive Abby at or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

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