My most effective friend’s boyfriend hid $55K in credit card personal debt

Pricey ABBY: My pretty expensive friend has found out that her reside-in boyfriend of two a long time has been hiding $55,000 in credit history card personal debt. This man contributes incredibly minor to the home fees (she owns the home) and scarcely can help to keep it. Alternatively, he spends his income on alcohol and vaping products and solutions. 

He refuses to share any aspects about his financial debt and does not like remaining requested about it. She has questioned him to consume significantly less and halt vaping totally, but absolutely nothing has transformed. What advice should really I share with her? I really do not want to damage her feelings, but I want to give fair and genuine tips. — Good friend WHO CARES IN MAINE

Dear Buddy: If you want to give your close friend honest and genuine guidance, wait to be questioned for it. Do not give it unsolicited because it will be disregarded. If, even so, she really should question, come to feel absolutely free to let her have it with both equally barrels. Her boyfriend is a compound-abusing freeloader who is unwilling to improve, and she deserves greater.

Expensive ABBY: My most effective close friend, “Juliet,” just lately missing her months-previous newborn under tragic conditions. Just after many months, she is now pregnant once again. Abby, I’m anxious. She’s in her 30s and desires to are living with her mother for an indefinite time period after the toddler is born. Juliet is nonetheless with her partner. 

I really do not believe this is healthier. It will not only get away from the couple’s independence, but also lessen Juliet’s confidence in being a new mom. We are so shut that we phone every single other soul mates. Ought to I say something or allow her do what she thinks is correct? — STANDING BY IN TENNESSEE

Expensive STANDING BY: As anxious as you are about Juliet, allow her do what she thinks is ideal. Possessing missing her child “under tragic conditions,” she wants all the psychological support she can get. If her husband is fine with that arrangement, resist the urge to interfere.

Pricey ABBY: At Christmas, I labored all working day cooking a wonderful turkey dinner with all the facet dishes and champagne. I instructed my “mature adult” boyfriend that dinner would be completely ready at 5 p.m.

At 5 p.m., I put the (hot) meals on the desk and identified as my BF to arrive in. Instead of coming to the table, “Mr. Mannerless” manufactured an (unneeded) cell phone phone to a girl mate and talked for just about an hour. When the dinner acquired chilly, I received sizzling! When he finally got off the phone, he grabbed a plate of food stuff and still left to look at Tv set. He did not even take in with me! What really should I have performed? — SIMMERING IN SOUTH DAKOTA

Pricey SIMMERING: It isn’t a matter of what you should have done previous Christmas. The dilemma is what you intend to do about someone as inconsiderate as the unappreciative turkey you have been dating. He may be a experienced grownup, but his disregard for your inner thoughts is appalling.

Pricey Abby is composed by Abigail Van Buren, also recognized as Jeanne Phillips, and was started by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Make contact with Dear Abby at or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

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