Lords Of The Fallen: How To Unlock The Dark Crusader

When you begin a new game in Lords of the Fallen, you’ll initially be able to choose from one of nine starting classes. However, there are additional classes that can be unlocked by playing the game, and the coolest of those may very well be the Dark Crusader, with its aesthetically attractive armor set and powerful longsword. You can get early access to the Dark Crusader as a starting class by purchasing the Deluxe Edition of the game for $80. This is $10 more than the standard version of the title, so unless you’re desperate to begin your very first playthrough with the Dark Crusader, we’d recommend unlocking the class in-game using the method below.

How to unlock the Dark Crusader in Lords of the Fallen

The in-game method of unlocking the Dark Crusader requires you to complete Isaac’s questline. We’ll lay out the steps for you to do so below.

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Find the Flayed Skin

The Flayed Skin is located just after the tutorial boss. Take a right out of the boss arena and find it at the very end of the path.

Learn about Isaac’s story via Umbral stigmas

You’ll need to examine four Umbral stigmas throughout the game that tell Isaac’s story. You’ll need to be in the Umbral Realm to find and soulflay these.

  • Lower Calrath (Depot vestige) – Backtrack from the vestige just a little to find a stigma of Isaac kneeling.
  • Fief of the Chill Curse (Fief vestige) – Look in the same location as the vestige to find another stigma of Isaac kneeling.
  • Fief of the Chill Cruse (Nest vestige) – After defeating the boss near the vestige, continue onward and take a ladder down in the same tower as the beacon. Pass through the two large rocks into a massive arena (you may have to fight a boss here depending on how you’ve progressed the game). Exit the other end of the arena to find a stigma of Isaac on the ground.
  • Path of Devotion (Memorial vestige) – From the vestige, run down the narrow pathway into an open section with lots of enemies. You’ll spot the stigma of Isaac peering over the site in the back of this area.

Defeat Isaac in combat

After completing the above requirements, you can access a fight against Isaac in the Path of Devotion. Past the area you find the final stigma and down some steps is another open section with some enemies to defeat. While in the Umbral Realm, there will now be a path open here that leads you into an arena. Soulflay the stigma to engage in a battle with Isaac, who shouldn’t pose any major issues as long as you’re sufficiently leveled. When he dies, you’ll score the Umbral-Tinged Flayed Skin.

Retrieve Isaac’s gear

Fast travel to the Sepulchre vestige and return to where you first found the Flayed Skin. Enter the Umbral Realm, use the Umbral-Tinged Flayed Skin to open the giant door, and then walk down to a platform below to pick up Isaac’s sword, armor, and rosary.

Summon Isaac against the Lightreaper

After completing every other requirement, you can now summon Isaac against the Lightreaper in Upper Calrath. Unfortunately, it appears that if you’ve already defeated the Lightreaper here, you’ll need to try this process again on a subsequent playthrough.

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