Is oat milk negative for you? Some nutritionists really don’t enjoy the stuff

Oat milk — it is the plant-based mostly alternative that not only tastes excellent with nearly everything, it also occurs to be nearly unassailable from a nutrition and sustainability standpoint.


Sorry to your fave, alt-latte lovers, but some gurus are not buying it — literally.

“While oat milk is delectable, sadly it’s not the most wholesome solution,” registered dietitian Marissa Meshulam instructed HuffPost.

The registered dietitian is just just one of a handful of nutrition professionals the outlet interviewed, asking their emotions about the exceedingly well-known beverage.

Issues ranged from the prevalence of pesticides applied for generation to the way the drink is designed, usually making use of reduced-priced canola oil to attain the creaminess typically not uncovered in other non-dairy beverages like almond or soy milk.

Listed here, the industry experts share their less-than-well-liked thoughts.

Oat milk is not as healthy as you believe

Oat milk has far less protein than dairy, specialists stage out. Getty Visuals

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