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My Time at Sandrock has various townsfolk that you can meet and aid out. Some interactions may even lead to love blossoming in the hinterlands. Our guidebook discusses how to romance characters in My Time at Sandrock so you can come across your soulmate in the campaign.

How to romance figures in My Time at Sandrock

To romance characters in My Time at Sandrock, you may have to proceed rising partnership amounts till you’re capable to give that person the Coronary heart Knot merchandise. It can be a extensive and arduous course of action, but unquestionably worth it if you want your builder to find like.

Romanceable figures

There is certainly a clear difference involving romanceable and non-romanceable people in the activity. This can be witnessed when interacting with a townsfolk, or when searching at the Social tab in your menu:

  • Romanceable people have heart icons to reveal their marriage degree.
  • Non-romanceable figures have star icons to point out their relationship amount.

The Social tab also has valuable information about NPC villagers. For occasion, you can verify their Social Network (i.e. connections like relatives users and friends of good friends), favored/disliked gifts, and perk rewards, these as people that raise your stamina.

The Social tab has all the info you need regarding NPCs.
The Social tab has all the facts you require relating to NPCs.

In any case, in this article are the romanceable figures in My Time at Sandrock:

  • Amirah
  • Arvio
  • Burgess
  • Catori
  • Elsie
  • Ernest
  • Fang
  • Grace
  • Heidi
  • Jane
  • Justice
  • Logan
  • Mi-an
  • Miguel
  • Nia
  • Owen
  • Pablo
  • Pen
  • Qi
  • Unsuur
  • Venti

Recommendations to maximize romance concentrations

There are a number of techniques to enhance marriage ranges if you want to romance figures in My Time at Sandrock. Listed here are some examples:

  • Greeting people each working day provides a small improve.
  • You can hand in excess of items to increase partnership details. If the NPC enjoys or likes the reward, it’s going to net you a even bigger increase. Even so, observe out for points that they dislike or dislike, as those people deduct factors as a substitute.
  • Sparring grants a number of factors, especially if you acquire.
  • Playing the Critters minigame nets you +5 points for every round that you earn, and +3 factors for people that end in a attract. You only gain +1 position if you reduce a spherical. You can play up to three rounds with every NPC per working day.
  • You can greet, reward, spar, and participate in Critters with NPCs every single working day, so make sure you improve your time in-video game.
  • Certain quests that require figures also reward marriage factors.
  • Lastly, be confident to decide on Understanding perks from the Social ability tree. These incorporate Social Butterfly Understanding, Social Action Knowledge, and Hangout Information.


From still left to correct: Offering gifts enjoying Critters matches beginning sparring sessions.

Making use of the Coronary heart Knot item and commencing a romance

Once you hit +150 romance details with specific characters, you can go forward and begin the romance portion of your partnership. As outlined before, you have to have to give them a Coronary heart Knot. It can be ordered from the By the Stairs shop for roughly 145 gol.

Your innovations might be turned down by a character, so do look at out for that. But if they acknowledge, you might be ready to start off courting them. The exercise itself nets you extra romantic relationship factors, assisting improve the connection degrees further. The aim is to increase the “tier” of your relationship in this order: Boyfriend/Girlfriend (courting) -> Sweetheart (relationship) -> Lover (engagement) -> Soulmate (relationship).

The Heart Knot item kickstarts the romance mechanics when given to certain characters.
The Heart Knot product kickstarts the romance mechanics when presented to specific figures.

A number of romances and finding caught with another person else

Considering that we are talking about My Time at Sandrock romance mechanics, you may possibly be questioning if it’s achievable to flirt all-around with several people. Very well, you definitely can. It’s in fact achievable to romance numerous characters at the exact time. You can find just one caveat: you don’t want to get caught.

If you happen to be actively courting anyone, and you might be caught relationship somebody else, you can lose romance points with equally prospective associates. Thankfully, there is certainly a certain workaround:

  • Some figures will acknowledge the Apology Bear product, which can be procured from the Activity Center for 188 tokens.
  • Many others, nevertheless, will split up instantly.

That is everything you will need to know about how to romance people in My Time at Sandrock. If you’ve got just started out the game, you may well want to check out out our guides on how to raise stock room, how to unlock Photograph Mode, and how to full Finding Up the Slack.

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