How to effectively store bananas to preserve them contemporary for extended

That is bananas!

Us citizens every consume about 26.6 lbs . of bananas a year on normal — and collectively discard 5 billion previous-their-key bananas during the similar period, figures present.

Now, experts are sharing how to retain the common yellow fruit fresher for longer.

“I’ve obtained 4 bananas below and I’m seeking out four distinctive storage strategies,” the merchandise testing TikTok account @tipperk posted in November.

Just one banana was put in a bowl on a counter. The idea of a 2nd banana, meanwhile, was coated in plastic. A wet paper towel was wrapped all around the stem of a 3rd banana.

“I’ve obtained four bananas in this article and I’m striving out four various storage techniques,” the product testing TikTok account @tipperk posted in November.
The kinds held on the counter and not in the fridge fared the very best in the TikTok experiment.

The second and 3rd bananas were place in the bowl with the initially 1. A fourth banana went into a fridge.

And the leading banana was … any of the types placed on the counter.

“The one particular remaining on the counter is nevertheless in excellent shape,” the TikToker explained in a stick to-up clip. “The second 1, with the idea wrapped in plastic wrap, also seems to be quite fantastic. The 3rd banana, wrapped in a moist paper towel, has held up just as effectively as the first two.”

Considerably less a-peel-ing was the fridge-stored banana: “Suprisingly, the banana saved in the fridge designed dim spots and ripened a lot quicker,” the TikToker mentioned.

Genuine Easy suggests bananas can final on a countertop from two to 6 times. To reduce the possibility of bananas bruising just about every other, the outlet endorses hanging them on a hook instead of bunching them in a bowl.

Also, hold them out of sunlight due to the fact increasing the temperature of the fruit causes it to ripen quicker.

Storing bananas with other ethylene-releasing fruit, this sort of as apples, will result in them to ripen speedier. Pixel-Shot –

Wrapping banana stems in plastic retains them fresh and yellow longer, True Uncomplicated advises.

“Wrap a little amount of cling movie all-around the stop where they are generally joined alongside one another,” Gary Ellis, director at CE Safety Limited, a British isles-dependent well being and basic safety group, explained to Express in 2022.

“This will hold them fresher for extended as it traps the ethylene gasoline at the prime of the fruit, where by it emits from, alternatively than letting it spread and exposing the other bananas to the fuel,” he defined.

Like other fruits, bananas deliver a plant hormone recognised as ethylene, which is a colorless, odorless fuel.

Ethylene is crucial in the ripening process — substantial levels result in bananas to soften and flip from eco-friendly to yellow to brown.

That’s why it is essential to retail store bananas away from other ethylene-releasing fruit, such as apples, pears, and peaches.

Also steer clear of positioning bananas in enclosed areas — these as in a plastic bag or a fridge drawer — mainly because they can lure ethylene and speed up ripening.

Some declare that wrapping the stem of bananas with a damp paper towel will lower the sum of ethylene they emit.

Bananas can be refrigerated once they’ve realized your preferred level of ripeness. PT pictures –

As for maintaining bananas in a fridge, the US Division of Agriculture suggests storing them at 56 to 58 levels Fahrenheit, which is all around area temperature.

Bananas can be refrigerated as soon as they’ve obtained your wanted stage of ripeness — chilling them far too shortly can induce discoloration or a bitter taste, the USDA warns.

“Bananas can be saved on a kitchen counter right up until they are ripe, and then they can be stored in the refrigerator for at least two times far more or until eventually the skin becomes black,” Tamika Sims, senior director of foodstuff know-how communications at the Worldwide Meals Information and facts Council, explained to in 2022.

And if you waited as well extensive to try to eat your bananas, do not go bananas.

Use them for banana bread rather.

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