Enshrouded – How To Increase Backpack Dimensions And Stock Slots

Your adventures in Enshrouded will choose you to hazardous spots, usually in lookup of loot. The only problem is that you are unable to really have a whole lot of things with you. Even so, there’s a distinct upgrade that you may need. This is our tutorial on how to boost backpack inventory slots in Enshrouded.

How to increase backpack stock slots in Enshrouded

You can raise backpack stock slots by acquiring Backpack Extensions. This specific improve can only be crafted by means of the Hunter, an NPC that can be rescued all through the sandbox marketing campaign. You can refer to our Hunter locale information if you have to have assist with this objective.

Assuming you’ve previously saved the Hunter, you can put her within an enclosed creating at your foundation. This serves as her shelter, and it also unlocks a side quest. The intention now is to discover Salt for her wares.

The map shows the location of the Egerton Salt Mines.
The map demonstrates the location of the Egerton Salt Mines.

Wherever to get Salt

The Hunter’s aspect quest, Salt Mine Place, can be finished by heading to the Egerton Salt Mines (revealed on the map impression above). It truly is thanks west of the Springlands Historical Spire quick travel level, and marginally northeast of where you can discover the Alchemist NPC. The full area is blanketed by a deadly fog, so make positive you might be well-organized by owning a usually means of surviving extended in the Shroud.

If you’re previously in the Egerton Salt Mines sophisticated, glance for tunnels that guide deeper into caverns. You ought to high-quality square or dice-like protrusions on the walls. These are Salt deposits that you can mine. Go in advance and use the Pickaxe to collect a good deal of these sources.

Salt deposits/nodes look like rocks with cube-lilke protrusions.
Salt deposits/nodes look like rocks with cube-lilke protrusions.

How to make Dried Fur

Immediately after your limited trek, return to the Hunter to make a Drying Rack. It needs 10x Wooden Logs and 6x String. Area this composition everywhere in your foundation and interact with it. Here is what you require to do future if you want to raise backpack inventory slots in Enshrouded:

  • Click on on the Look through Recipes button and pick out Dried Fur.
  • Position the Salt that you’ve got just collected, as well as Animal Fur. Take note that Animal Fur drops from beasts that you have slain, such as wolves and sheep.
  • The Drying Rack will automatically produce one Dried Fur each individual moment, as very long as you have the requisite materials.
Use the Drying Rack to make Dried Fur.
Use the Drying Rack to make Dried Fur.

How to craft Backpack Extensions

Speak with the Hunter at the time a lot more and select the Craft solution. You may detect that a Small Backpack can be crafted. It needs 3x Torn Cloth, 5x String, and 4x Dried Fur.

When you’ve got developed this individual item, open your character menu and equip it. You ought to see that an additional eight slots have been included to your backpack.

Craft the Small Backpack and equip it.
Craft the Compact Backpack and equip it.

This is how you maximize backpack stock slots in Enshrouded. Acquire note that the Small Backpack is just 1 individual improve. As you development more and do other Hunter side quests, you will attain obtain to extra blueprints. These include the Medium Backpack, which grants +16 slots.

Enshrouded is an open up-earth survival sport the place you investigate cursed lands that are lined in deadly mists. For more guidelines, you can test out our guides hub.

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