California runner roars for her daily life as mama bear fees

A movie shot Nov. 8 exhibits a runner’s terrifying face with a mother bear and her two cubs on a climbing path in Sierra Madre, California.

“Went path jogging and turned a blind corner to locate a mom bear’s head about 5 inches from my waistline and her cubs a number of feet powering her,” the runner said.

Her online video starts with the mom bear charging towards the runner on the dusty filth trail.

The runner speedily backs absent and starts to roar at the animal in an energy to scare the mama bear and her cubs away.

However, as the runner turns about a bend in the path, she sees that the bears are following her.

The mom bear even peeks her head close to the bend to see the runner.

The runner proceeds to back again away, roaring and blowing a whistle, only to see at minimum a person cub adhering to carefully powering its mother.

The mother bear can been seen ready to charge toward the runner on the dusty dirt trail.
The mother bear can be witnessed completely ready to cost toward the runner on the dusty dust trail.
@_lauragold through Storyfu

on a hiking trail in Sierra Madre, California.
The video was taken on a hiking trail in Sierra Madre, California.
@_lauragold via Storyfu

She then satisfies a fellow hiker on the trail, who will help her motivate the bears to just take a path independent from the 1 they meant to hike.

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