Between Us Update Introduces Fifth Map, The Fungle

Innersloth, the dev team powering Amongst Us, has just produced The Fungle, a new playable map. In The Fungle, players will be tasked with exploring a new jungle when hoping to keep away from currently being killed by the imposter.

To enjoy on the new map, players will have to have their recreation up to date and be on v2023.10.24. Usually, they won’t have accessibility to it. In accordance to a push release, The Fungle is “built up of sandy shorelines, mushroom jungles, and cliffs.” The seashore setting will function rooms and isolated sections a lot like past maps, offering the imposter loads of likelihood to get rid of crewmates.

In addition to the new locations, there’ll be new responsibilities for crewmates to full: frisbee, fish, roast marshmallows, raise weights, and a lot more. On the other hand, imposters will be equipped to use The Mushroom Mixup. When this is energetic, everybody will swap shades.

The Fungle will also function ziplines for players to use, and there is even a new ejection animation. New Fungle cosmetics are now in the shop for those heading to the beach.

Underneath, you may obtain the official patch notes for v2023.10.24:

  • Chat box will be selected when opening it in Totally free Chat – no extra needing to click and then kind!
  • Tweaks to audio data files which should really lessen load situations on decrease close units
  • The Airship and The Fungle will choose an more 5 seconds to load so reduce close equipment can get all necessary property
  • Animals of lifeless gamers will no more time sit idle – they’re going to go back to remaining heartbroken that you might be dead
  • Guardian Angels can no for a longer time defend Crewmates during Comms Sabotage
  • When generating or getting a video game, Impostor count no lengthier defaults to 3
  • [Mobile] – Players will no more time be kicked for hacking when venting as an Engineer

Below, you may uncover a listing of identified bugs:

  • [Fungle] – The sound results for the zipline may engage in continuously if a conference is known as when a player is on the zipline.
  • [Fungle] – The campfire seem impact may perhaps enjoy in the course of a game’s intro sequence.
  • [Fungle] – Invisible collision may perhaps block player movement close to the Labs.
  • [Fungle] – The map label for the dock may perhaps not be appropriately shown at instances.
  • [Fungle] – The orange fish may perhaps be caught at a considerably bigger charge than the other people in the course of the fishing task.
  • [Fungle] [Android] – Controls could come to be unresponsive if the game device goes to sleep while the critter is hatching.
  • [Fungle] – Hats may float at the rear of the participant though utilizing the zipline underneath sure circumstances.
  • [Fungle] – A Crewmate might cling much too much under the zipline during the travel animation.
  • [Fungle] – Utilizing the zipline during a Mushroom Blend Up could display screen the mistaken hand color.
  • [Fungle] – An incorrect process rationalization could be shown while completing the Roast Marshmallow task.
  • [Practice Mode] – A dummy in the kitchen area may possibly spawn that can’t be killed.
  • [All Maps] – Rapid Chat might incorrectly checklist specific conditions as sabotages.
  • [All Maps] [PC/Console Platforms] – Shapeshifters may lose operation if the shapeshift time operates out while finishing the Reactor Handprint Reader and Doorway sabotages

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