40,000 trout euthanized in Virginia to prevent fish pandemic

MARION, Va. – Officers had to euthanize 40,000 trout in Virginia to reduce the spread of whirling disorder, the Virginia Section of Wildlife Sources declared Thursday.

Whirling disease is caused by a microscopic parasite and leads to skeletal deformities in fish from the trout and salmon family members, in accordance to the DWR.

Individuals can’t capture whirling disorder, even if they consume contaminated fish.

The euthanized trout ended up at the Marion Fish Hatchery in southwest Virginia.

The fish account for about a 20% reduction in ordinary stocking concentrations for Southwest Virginia and a 5% reduction statewide, according to the DWR.

Officers noted that this reduction will final result in decreased trout figures in particular locations, these kinds of as Dickenson, Buchanan, Clever, Lee, Scott, Russell, Washington, Smyth, Tazewell and Grayson counties.

The DWR is working to reallocate fish to mitigate the shortfalls.

Trout underwater scene
40,000 trout have been put down because of to an outbreak of Whirling condition.

The DWR stated whirling disease is quite widespread and is uncovered in more than 20 states.

The parasite and illness are native to Europe and have been first detected in the U.S. in 1958.

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